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Eastover to Host Medical Qigong Symposium in June

Eastover, a 600-acre sanctuary and holistic retreat center in Lenox, Massachusetts, will host its first Medical Healing Qi Gong and Eastern Medicine Symposium June 10-17. Grand Master Junfeng Li, Mantak Chia, Roger Jahnke, Lee Holden, Robert Peng, Lonny Jarrett and Michael Winn are among the teachers who will share the ancient techniques of Qi Gong and Tai Chi as a highly curative and preventive practice as well as a spiritual practice of awakening. “The curative aspects of Qi Gong and Tai Chi have been highlighted for centuries, but they are just becoming known in western science for applications in treating and preventing various forms of cancer,” says Eastover founder Yingxing Wang. “As a form of meditative movement, Qi Gong has been shown to utilize the plasticity of the brain to rewire neural pathways for happiness and resilience, reduce stress, foster awareness, regulate the nervous system and develop enhanced feelings of well-being.” Like other meditation techniques, Qi Gong is based on the principle of cultivating focused awareness in the present moment. Only in this present moment, the great teachers assert, can the state of enlightenment, or oneness, be accessed. As Junfeng Li writes, “Understand your mind and you understand the minds of all…. Go and roam the heavenly palace within.” Wang says the access point to inner wisdom and deep peace is equally accessible to all, whether they are beginners or have practiced Qi Gong Tai Chi or meditation for decades. “This seven-day symposium will unite science and wisdom with practice and experience, that we may all arrive in the now of each unfolding moment of everyday life,” she says. Situated adjacent to October Mountain, Eastover is in the cultural hub of the Berkshires, minutes from Tanglewood Music Center and Kriplau Yoga Center. It hosts organized retreats as well as individuals who simply want to rest in its peaceful environment. For more information about the symposium, visit or email [email protected]