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Alkaline-Forming Foods Boost Dental Health

An apple a day can keep the dentist away, says Anamaria Pontes, the nutritionist for Holistic Dentists in Tribeca. “Apple is an alkaline-forming food, while the typical American diet is acid-forming,” she says. “Americans aiming for better dental and overall health need to eat more alkaline-forming foods.”

Determining which foods are best can be tricky, Pontes notes. “An alkaline-forming food like limes can be acidic in nature but turn out to be alkaline after digestion. And a food that’s naturally alkaline, such as red meat, can turn out to be acid-forming after digestion.” A normal pH for blood and saliva is slightly alkaline, at 7.35, she says. “Any decrease in the blood pH and the body will leech out important minerals from teeth and bones back to the bloodstream in order to balance it. It is a great mechanism, but over time this can cause acidic saliva. Teeth and bones will become weaker, and tooth decay and osteoporosis will set in.”

Dr. Lewis Gross and his team at Holistic Dentists can test saliva pH and provide a list of alkaline- and acid-forming foods; people should aim for a 3:1 ratio, respectively. “Also keep in mind that physical activity, breathing exercises, meditation and positive thinking are alkaline-forming and will bring the blood pH back into balance,” Pontes says.

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