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Skin Care by Serendipity

NealBy Neal Furie

My initial meeting with Dr. Boneva was quite serendipitous. I say this because I was not looking for a dermatologist at the time; I met her at a dental office where I had gone to have a tooth pulled. She had been renting a temporary office space there, and while waiting for the dentist, I just happened to glance through her “before and after” booklet. It was quite impressive.

A few months earlier, I had suffered a bad fall, the result of which was a large and quite nasty cut over my right eyebrow. Although it had completely healed, it still left a substantial and unsightly deposit of scar tissue.

I signed on for a series of skin trifectas, and after the second treatment, the scar tissue was completely gone—no trace remained! A very nice side effect was that the treatments made my skin look so good that my family, friends and colleagues all commented on it.

In keeping with Dr. Boneva’s motto of “clean and healthy both inside and outside,” I signed on for a series of Colenz colonics, which not only enhanced the health of my colon but also improved my complexion and gave me increased physical energy as well.

Dr. Boneva’s everyday skin-care regimen is extremely easy to follow, and the results speak for themselves. Her proprietary products are reasonably priced and quite effective.

Most recently I have signed up for her DiCrassin total body herbal detox cleanse—a series of seven applications, one every three days. I saw positive results almost immediately, and I look and feel terrific.

All in all, my serendipitous meeting with Dr. Boneva has been a true blessing from above!

 Neal Furie is a retired apparel industry executive based in New York and has been a patient of Dr. Mariana Boneva’s for eight years.

bonevaBoneva is founder of Beauty Plus Aesthetics, 353 Lexington Ave. #1603. For more information, visit or call 212.371.6097.

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