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Transformation Possible “In the Right Hands”

unnamedby Tara Bonsignore

Where do I begin to describe my experience with Dr. Mariana Boneva?

I was looking for a transformation of my skin. I’d been having random breakouts from time to time, but then they turned into what looked like welts on my face and neck. My skin had never been so bad. I needed professional help.

When I had my first visit to Dr. Boneva in 2010, I knew I had come to the right place. She made me feel at home, comfortable and not embarrassed (which is how I felt when I looked at my reflection in natural light).

First Dr. Boneva had a consultation with me. It was medical but also personal, to understand my daily living routines. She opened my eyes, educating me about how to achieve healthy skin. I learned that it wasn’t just about what she does  as a doctor; I needed to do my part too, cleaning myself from within. That meant cutting out cheese from my diet—the cause of those terrible breakouts. She taught me that what I was calling “welts” were actually cystic, and she gave me a regimen for cleaning my skin.

Her whole approach is organic, and I trusted her from the get-go. I knew I was in the right hands.

Clearing my complexion was not a quick process, but Dr. Boneva assured me that my skin was improving each week. And that’s what it took in the beginning: weekly visits consisting of extractions and vibra-dermabrasion. I also followed her daily regimen religiously. I was determined, and Dr. Boneva became a positive role model. I knew that changes were taking place, and I continued to stay the course.

Before long my weekly visits became biweekly, and then monthly. The improvements were drastic, and I began receiving compliments on how clear my skin was.

Dr. Boneva is brilliant. The fact that she loves her work and her patients is obvious in the amount of time and heart she puts into her practice; she’s even developed her own products, which are sourced worldwide from natural ingredients. What I love about Dr. Boneva is that she does not force her treatments on you; you simply want them because of their healing qualities.

I rave to all my friends and family about Dr. Boneva. I am blessed to have met her.

Tara Bonsignore is an interior designer based in New York. 

bonevaDr. Mariana Boneva is founder of Beauty Plus Aesthetics, 353 Lexington Ave. #1603. To learn more, make an appointment or purchase her cosmetic products, visit or call 212.371.6097.

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