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Buy Yourself Something to Smile About and Save Some Money Too!

teethWe are entering the season when most of us are thinking about getting gifts for friends and family.  It's nice that you have a choice -- you can run around in person shopping and stay home and click until your fingers get tired!  Sadly, the person who often gets left off this list is the most important one, yourself.

Here is way to make sure you do something nice for yourself..

The world of dentistry has changed radically over the last decade. New techniques and new technologies make a visit completely different than what you have experienced previously.

Here a just a few of the fantastic innovations:

*With dental mini implants, I can replace a missing tooth in just two completely painless visits.  It is a minimally invasive technique that requires less drilling than a filling.

*With Nu-Calm you can actually meditate while in the dental chair without having studied meditation.

*With ozone gas, we can desensitize a sensitive tooth without even touching it.

*Fillings can be done without pain, injections or a drill

*If you wish, you can sleep through your entire dental visit

*With a tiny plastic cover on two teeth, you can wake up without a headache from grinding

*Invisible braces can move crooked teeth into a perfect smile


If you have dental insurance....

In the 1970's, dental insurance was created and the annual maximum coverage was $1500, which would actually buy you some decent dental work back then.  So by now, the annual coverage should be around $10,000 or more, right?  Unfortunately most plans still only cover about $1500 which doesn't go as far in 2015.  It's almost like getting the tip back at the end of a meal, if you need a lot of work.

The shocking thing is that many people have dental insurance and they still have not used it for this year.  For most companies, you will lose that benefit at the end of the year.

The best way to get the most out of your benefits is to come in now and use your 2015 benefits and in January use your 2016 benefits.

This way you can accomplish twice as much in very few visits, while making your smile healthier and more beautiful.  Please call us at 212-924-6890 to see if we participate with your insurance plan.


If you don't have dental insurance...

You can use your credit card and rack up the air miles or...

In my office, we work with outside financing companies that charge far lower financing rates than most credit cards. All you have to do is decide what fits into your monthly budget.Screen shot 2015-11-27 at 11.56.27 AM

My team and I would like to wish you and yours a very happy holiday season.

If you are brave enough to read this far, please go to my Facebook page, Peter J. Silver, the Jazz Dentist for a special invitation.


To read more about these topics, please surf over to & give us a call at 212-924-6890
You will certainly save money by coming in for your free consultation!
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