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Good Nutrition Vital to Oral Health

teethWe all know that too much sugar is bad for the teeth. But according to holistic dentist Dr. Lewis Gross, the role of nutrition in dental health goes far beyond that simple rule.

Nutrition plays an important role in dental health from the very beginning, affecting the development of the teeth, Gross says. For people with periodontal or oral infectious diseases, poor nutrition can make those conditions worse. Then there are the significant “local” effects of what we eat and drink, like cavities and erosion of the enamel. (Soft drinks, which are highly acidic, are a major culprit, Gross says.)

“Teeth can get nourished or depleted from inside—from your bloodstream via the tooth’s pulp chamber—and from outside, via saliva and food waste,” he says. “So it’s important to nourish yourself in a manner that allows your blood to be rich in all elements your teeth require, such as calcium, phosphate and vitamins A and D.” Gross’s practice, Holistic Dentistry, offers nutritional counseling to address problems like dental erosion, receding gums, osteoporosis, pre-diabetes and diabetes.

Holistic Dentistry, Tribeca Center for Integrative Holistic Services, is located at 17 Park Place. For more info, visit or call 212.732.2200.