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Natural Awakenings New York City

November Workshops Will Facilitate Guided Trances

O n November 14 and 15, certified neurolinguistic programming coach Nika Annon will be in New York City to offer one-day workshops in which she will use a rattle and the ecstatic body postures of our spiritual ancestors to guide participants to a “waking dream” state.

The goal is to take participants beyond their daily constructs, barriers and filters and move them outside their habitual behavior and thought patterns, Annon says. “The rattle takes us on into a deeper part of ourselves and allows us to move into a theta brain waves state,” she says.

One of Annon’s teachers, the late linguist and anthropologist Felicitas Goodman, argued that the human body is wired for ecstatic experience—that we need to feel connected to everything around us rather than isolated. Annon notes that there has been a great deal of research indicating that entering an alternate state of reality “helps us reduce our resistance to the multiple levels of awareness that we may experience at all times.” Workshop participants can control the depth and focus of their trance, using it to heal, to release trauma, or to enhance their creative vitality or their understanding of life.

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