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Natural Awakenings New York City

“Art of Energetic Healing” Taught In Person and Online

art suzyAustralian healer, channel and professional homeopath Suzy Meszoly is offering a yearlong course, “The Art of Energetic Healing,” in NYC and Woodstock, NY, and by webinar. Over the past fifteen years, Meszoly has taught hundreds of people this heart-centered method of energetic healing, through which they activate their innate, powerful healing energies; receive traditional Reiki attunements I, II and III; expand their knowledge of the chakra system; and enhance their intuitive guidance and internal wisdom.

“Students of the course learn about the root causes of illness, both acute and chronic, and the connections between the energetic system, the physical body, our thought processes and our emotional spectrum,” Meszoly says. “By the end of the course, they will have many tools and skills, concepts and understandings to share with others and to enhance their own lives.” The course is designed for healers and non-healers, and for advanced practitioners as well as beginners, she says. “It’s about coming into our full potential as dynamic healers, compassionate humans and deeply expanded spiritual beings.”

As part of the course, Meszoly offers a great deal of practical information, including spiritual counseling, herbology, holistic nutrition, homeopathy, yoga, meditation, sound healing, crystals and shamanic practices, as well as “deep, expansive spiritual guidance and channeled activations from the master teachers.”

For more information, visit Call Suzy Meszoly at 845.616.0860 for private healing sessions or spiritual guidance by phone or Skype or in person.