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Stem Cell Therapy Helps Body Heal Itself

Dr RaffGreat progress is happening in the field of stem cell therapy, which has the potential to stimulate the healing and repair of injured tissues, regenerate certain organs and return hormone and immune systems to their proper function.

According to Neil Raff, MD, medical director at American Stem Cell Center in Queens, that office has been using stem cell therapy for several years to treat injured joints and ligaments, allowing patients to avoid major surgery. “With recent scientific advances, stem cells can now benefit many other conditions, such as COPD, ALS, spinal cord and neurological damage and certain failing organs,” Raff says.

At American Stem Cell Center, the therapy is a one-day outpatient procedure during which a patient’s own stem cells are used to help his or her body heal itself. “Stem cells are produced in the bone marrow—they travel through the blood to the entire body to stimulate the regeneration and repair of all our tissues,” Raff says. “For the therapy, these stem cells are collected from your own body, and then they’re activated, concentrated and injected back into the site of injury. This procedure is changing medical care, allowing us to help patients with conditions that were never before treatable.”

American Stem Cell Center is located at 160-40 78th Rd., Fresh Meadows (Queens), NY. To schedule a free 15-minute consultation, call 718.544.1444. For more information, visit