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Experience Lasting Healing with Akashic Reiki

Jun 27, 2015 09:49AM

nb Akashic Reilki Main Header TOP V3Reiki Master, sailing captain and astro-photographer, Isaac Rodriguez developed Akashic Reiki when he combined different elements of his background and learning. While sailing the Spirit Seeker, he spent years practicing and teaching Reiki. However, he shares, “It wasn’t until later on when my communion with the stars began and the words ‘find your way home through the stars’ and ‘your destiny has been written in the stars’ took on a new meaning.”

According to Rodriguez, “The word akashic comes from the Sanskrit wordakasha, which means space, the source where everything comes from, the first element of creation—star dust.” Within the akasha resides the Akashic Records, the catalog of each soul's journey throughout eternity. “Everything throughout every incarnation that your soul has experienced on its journey can be accessed through the Akashic records for the purpose of your soul's evolution.”

“Reiki is the energy felt from source; it is the energy of the akasha,” says Rodriguez. During a Reiki session this force is amplified and channeled through the practitioner to the client. “Reiki works on a cellular level, supporting the physical body to relax into a state allowing itself to rejuvenate and self-heal. An Akashic Reiki session involves the client receiving Reiki to settle their body mind and spirit allowing the flow of universal life force. At that point your Akashic Records will be opened and your soul’s book will be accessible.”

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