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Circling and Yoga Retreat in Bali

Gina Brezini—a life coach, spiritual guide and energy healer—will lead an eight-day Circling and Yoga Retreat in Ubud, Bali, September 6-13. Known as “the island of the gods,” Bali is considered one of the world’s most powerful energetic centers, Brezini says. “When you’re in a place of higher vibrations, the process of transformation accelerates and generates lasting changes,” she says.

Circling—also called “guided self-inquiry,” “relational yoga” or “interpersonal meditation”—has a profound impact that must be experienced to be understood, Brezini says. “Circling is a life-changing modality through which you can discover and explore your true self, and then live and communicate from it,” she says. “The process is gentle, yet it goes deep. Although every circle is different, there are skills we learn and practice together to train our muscles of awareness and presence, our ability to stay in the moment and in connection.” Brezini says she and her circling counterpart, Alita Watson, facilitate the process by taking participants to their edge and helping them expand their comfort zones.

Brezini, who has a master’s degree in spiritual psychology and has integrated various coaching techniques into her private practice, says that since discovering circling, she has seen more healing in one weekend of circling than in an entire year of therapy. “This is one of the few modalities that is easy to integrate into daily life,” she says. “It shows a different way to be with each other. It simply builds on love.”

Registration is August 4 for the Bali Circling and Yoga retreat. Space is limited, and participants are mindfully selected. For more information and registration, visit or, or call Gina Brezini at 212.724.4061 or Alita Watson at 612.600.4405.

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