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Everything I Should Learn About Life I Could Learn From My Houseplants

Mar 26, 2015 11:24AM
rewire me coverBy Nicole Mignone for Rewire Me

Each week when I water my houseplants, I am surprised by the subtle changes that have taken place in such a short time. Most of my plants started from seeds or cuttings and continue to grow, sometimes despite their environment and caretaker. Pruning and watering are my moving meditation, and I would like to share the life lessons they have taught me.

1. Be adaptable: Many of the plants started out in another apartment with much different light and colder indoor winter temperatures. Some responded well and others dropped their leaves in protest. We, too, may move or end up outside of our comfort zone, whether by choice or involuntarily. In response, we may have to change, cut our losses, or grow where we are.

2. Pay attention to your body: A plant’s leaves reflect its health: Discoloration, spots, insects, and shape all indicate that something is missing for the proper nurturing of that plant. Likewise, the condition of our skin, hair, teeth, and eyes reveals key information about our physical health. Taking some time to assess these areas might not only change your current health, but prevent more serious illness in the future.

3. Be patient: Everything in nature has its small beginnings. Although we wouldn’t yell at a rosebud to bloom faster, we often get impatient with ourselves if we are not learning a life lesson or achieving a goal as quickly as we think we should. Nature’s wisdom in patience applies to us, too.

4. You can always start over: On a few occasions I thought some of my plants were dead, only to be surprised by their resurrection. I once planted a spider plant baby with some new dirt in a pot that had previously contained a flowering plant. A few months later, the former plant sprouted up alongside the spider plant. We can always start over, from the roots of our soul.

Spring reminds us of the cycles of life and spirit. With a little awareness, patience, and faith, we can thrive in just being ourselves.

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