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Natural Awakenings New York City

Ancient Egypt Mysteries Revealed in NYC

Groundbreaking, rogue Egyptologist John Anthony West presents images and evidence of the dates and accomplishments of some of Earth’s earliest civilizations. For 30+ years, he’s been telling the world (and providing irrefutable evidence) that the Giza Pyramids and Sphinx are far older than traditional Egyptologists will tell you—just as the psychic readings of Edgar Cayce say they are!

Join West on March 22 at Edgar Cayce Center in NYC for an exciting journey through geology, symbolistic Eqypt, archeoastromony/astrology and sacred geometry. His far-ranging insights into ancient mysteries—the Great Pyramid, for one—will fascinate you. West states, "A fact impressed upon every visitor to the King’s Chamber is its astounding and unique acoustics. Inside this stark granite room, empty save for the lidless granite sarcophagus, it is impossible to hold a conversation at normal speed in a normal voice. To communicate, you are obliged to speak almost in a whisper, very slowly. Otherwise, words boom, chime and amalgamate with each other. A prolonged chant in the King’s Chamber seems to set the entire structure vibrating. Could the pyramid be a gigantic “musical” instrument? Tuned to the stars, to the human voice—or both? A sacred technology designed to further their metaphysical quest for immortality?"

John Anthony West presents “A Day in Ancient Egypt” on Sunday, March 22, 10 am-6 pm at the Edgar Cayce Center, 241 West 30th St., NYC. (212) 691-7690. 

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