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Revolutionary Skin Resurfacing Procedure

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Dr. Mariana Boneva developed her passion for skin care after a tragic accident caused serious injury to her face. Rather than opting for the recommended plastic surgery, Dr. Boneva began working hard to expand her skin knowledge during which time she discovered the secret of using light based and aesthetic laser procedures. She pioneered the most advanced laser treatments 2D and 3D Skin Rejuvenation in Manhattan.

Her latest treatment, called Skin Resurfacing, is especially for people who have not seen success with other treatments. According to Dr. Boneva, epidermal cells are anchored together in two ways: microscopic fibers called tonofilaments run between individual cells, helping anchor them together and an extracellular substance that surrounds each cell, acting as a sort of “glue” to further keep things together. Over time, these cells are invisibly shed through the body’s natural means of exfoliation. Speeding this process up can instantly restore a more youthful glow to the skin and address other subtle signs of the aging process.

The new procedure consists of three stages:

1. Vibradermabrasion: breaks the tonofilaments.

2. Deep Chemical Peel: dissolves the “glue”.

3. IPL Skin Rejuvenation: penetrates deep into the epidermis, boosting collagen reproduction and in turn providing a faster, healthier and complete healing of the recovering new skin.

This unique combination can truly retexturize your skin restoring its radiance and youthful appearance.

Realistic goals that can be achieved with this treatment include: • Correct sun damage • Improve rough skin and scaly patches • Reduce acne scarring • Fade age, liver spots, and freckles • Reduce or eradicate wrinkles • Shrink large pores • Improve dark skin discoloration • Remove stubborn blackheads • Reduce excessive skin oils

After the treatment you have to be religious about wearing sun protection (SPF- 30+) to maintain good results. She states “My goal is not only to correct skin’s imperfections, but to create actual improvement in patients’ self image.”

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Dr. Boneva's office is located at 353 Lexington Ave, Suite 1603, New York, NY.  

For more info visit or call 212-371-6097.

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