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Love is in the Air and the Numbers

heartsFebruary 14th is not the only day of romance based on Hallmark greeting cards. February, being the 2nd month of the year is the energy of love—the "2". Two is the numerological vibration of relationships of all kinds—romantic, social, friends and family, business and of course, self. It is the energy of balance, fairness and truth. How do we connect with another? Do we come from the heart or the head when we interact? Do we consider self-love in our relationships?

February can also be a time to shift your gears from just being self-absorbed. Instead, you can reach out with compassion in all your communications.

You may meet a new love or rekindle an existing one this month. With 2015—the universal year of the powerful 8, (see my January post), you may gain some extra courage to approach another who you have previously felt shy to connect with. Take the leap! (Note: 2+0+1+5=8)

The thing is, we need to be true to ourselves, and remember not to please someone else while negating self-love. The word of 8 is "empowerment". inspiring others and ourselves, to claim the power within. In love, it is the same. A time to fly and dance with another with open hearts and spirit.

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Do you think there is a connection between you and your significant other based on karma?

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