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Meditation Tricks to Help You Start the New Year Calmly

rewire me coverDuring the hectic holiday season, 32% of Rewire Me readers reported feeling stressed, according to our annual holiday survey. While stress may seem unavoidable, you can lessen it with a few simple meditation tricks.

Try these three tips to unwind from the holidays and start the New Year in a peaceful way:

1. Take four deep, cleansing breaths.

Close your eyes. Then, slowly inhale and exhale four times. When your thoughts start to wander, keep coming back to your breath. By the third breath, you will feel your heart begin to slow, stillness calming it to a sweet comfort level.

2. Envision what you want to achieve.

In the morning, plan how you want your day to turn out. Then, before you go to bed, reflect on how your day went. Decide whether it was positive or negative, and ask yourself if there’s anything you would like to do differently.

3. Let go of expectation.

Understand that meditation doesn’t have to take more than five minutes of your day. If you can find time for one minute, that’s an accomplishment! Meditation doesn’t have to mean chanting “om” on a mat with your legs crossed; sometimes it can just be a few calming, deep breaths or some time alone, relaxing to a favorite song.

So often we get caught up in the holiday frenzy of buying presents, baking, and RSVPing that we lose sight of the beauty of uninterrupted time with family and friends. Time with loved ones is a gift—don’t waste it feeling stressed!

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