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Keeping the American Family Together

unnamedWhere are you going when you are going away? Away from your family, your marriage, or yourself? What is it that drives or keeps you away from yourself? It’s difficult, right? Just hearing these questions could make you want to run away.

The holidays are coming. We often think, “Oh my, how am I going to survive this one?” or “I can’t stand my family.” Hurts and grudges are unforgiven and accumulated. Shoving them under the carpet doesn’t help. Make up your mind this holiday season to make a different choice. Decide to forgive, let go, and rise above. It’s easier. It takes so much energy to hold on to hate, anger, and frustration. At the same time it takes just a moment to change your mind, and allow yourself to move on, to love.

Once you have done that, you think there will be room for those warm and fuzzy feelings. But even then, we have difficulty feeling only the good ones.  When we feel, we feel everything. That could be the very reason we are so cautious and afraid of falling in love.  And then when we do, we sometimes hurt those we love the most.  Why? Because they are the very reason we feel the old hurts.  What if you could quickly resolve these feelings before they destroy your happiness and joy?  Sometimes the problem is that you don’t think you have a problem.   Dorothy W. Espiau created Geotran for the purposes of rapid personal transformation, so we can go back to our lives in no time.  I know how you feel because I have been there.  If you need a little push, I’m here.  Happy Holiday Season.

About the Author:

Marija Santo-Sarnyai is a certified natural health professional and Geotran practitioner. For more information, contact Marija at 201-388-4661 or [email protected]