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Beauty With Eye Shadow and Depth

By Klara K. Ibarra, Botanical Healer and Founder of Nelum Botanics1408391644
Once upon a time, women had to be beautiful in order to be accepted and valued by society. Our dreams, desires, intelligence, skills, talents, hearts and souls were completely overlooked if we were deemed anything less than beautiful. Women thus turned to lipstick and eye shadow; that was our own attempt to gain public validation for self-validation because in the end, it’s always about feeling good and empowered. I came to understand that aspiring to be beautiful is not bad, nor shallow if that was what allows us to navigate within a system that would not validate women without it. The negative connotation that “beauty” carries today, however, lies in the beauty industry’s incessant attack on our intelligence and our integrity by forcefeeding us beautifying products riddled with hazardous chemicals, subliminally suggesting that women are mindless and only care about superficial beauty to such an extent that we are willing to poison our skin and internal organs. It is precisely this mindlessness that is associated with beauty that misguides our understanding of what beauty means and how deep it can be. Today, as our sense of self-validation and empowerment comes from being heard, fully expressed and appreciated we no longer need to depend on toxic products to beautify ourselves; with inner beauty bourgeoning from knowledge, talent, health, and spirituality I was inspired to create all natural holistic skincare products that honor our integrity by enabling us to invest in our inner/outer well-being and lead a mindful life—for ourselves and the environment.

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