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What's Your Tonic?

cagardenWhat is your little luxury  during your  day whether it's non stop at work or a busy day at home looking after the family, what little pleasures make that warm glow of contentment where it gives us that feel - good factor?

Sounds simple but the benefits are surprising, it is surprising how by allocating ourselves a little treat, pick - me -up, to some , is it our morning latte or capaccino to start our day  or perhaps a day where we allow a cream cake or any scrummy treat, it just allows that little bit of down time to perhaps clear your thoughts and recharge, to perhaps feel centred again ? Or stepping away completly from an edible treat or even a healthy one, to an act of kindness ? This simple way of being connected to the feelings of others reaching out and making others around you happy I find gives such a lift to the person not only receiving but  also the person giving, such a simple act of listening if a friend or family member needs a supportive ear, perhaps a hug to show your support, your care, to just let them know you are there for them rather than words. To ask how they are feeling or helping a stranger if in need what ever the situation we can easily find ways to spread this loving positive energy which connects us, spreading happiness, giving others a lift during their day as well as it giving ourselves a lift. Look how infectious a smile is or laughter in such a busy non stop world we live in whether we are child, adult, elder, beloved pet even, all can make such a huge difference in their day, by enjoying and embracing what we enjoy and spreading that comforting warmth to others.

See how you can make a big difference in someone's day and it just may well prove to be just the right tonic for you.

by Carolyn Cox