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Do You See the Same Numbers Everywhere?

The most common question I am asked, as a numerologist is: I keep seeing the same numbers all the time, what does it mean?

Numbers are significant and play a big role in our lives. If you see the same number everywhere, like on your clock, the subway or a street sign, you should pay attention to where you are going or what you said a minute before you saw the number.  It is a clear "stand-up and take notice message" for you. You may be strikingly surprised at your ‘aha’ moment.

A popular number is the master number 11. I see 11:11 on my clock all the time. In numerology, master numbers have very powerful vibrations and can affect your life in a profound way. The 11 is the number of inspiration, new beginnings, leadership and invention.  If you see this number, pay attention. Perhaps there is a question you have been pondering lately that has to do with your next step in your life?

The universe is alerting you to take notice of something that will move your life forward and/or something you need to pay attention to.

Do you see the same number everywhere? Feel free to contact [email protected] and perhaps receive some new clues as to what your message is. Greer Jonas is an intuitive numerologist and teacher living in NYC. Connect with Greer to schedule a private reading or to view a class schedule at

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