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Help Teens Achieve Balanced Emotional Health with Geotran

teens-groupby Marija Santo-Sarnyai Unfortunately, teenage suicides and suicide attempts are on the rise. This is one thing parents don’t want their teens to succeed in. Issues, conflicts, problems accumulate for many generations. When they aren’t resolved, they get passed onto the next generation, which isn’t equipped to deal with them, because they didn’t create them. So, what is the solution? Who is to blame? NOBODY! It doesn’t matter when and where it all started. What matters is that it becomes clear, gets resolved, is let go of, is gotten over, and stopped. An emotionally healthy teenager is full of ideas, dreams, and goals, often able to resolve some issues of the adults in their lives, too. Our biggest responsibility is to restore choice in our own lives, thereby, allowing our children to have choice in their lives. We need to do that NOW. We also need to pay attention to signs of depression, boredom, melancholy, frustration, sadness, violence, rage, no focus, sleeplessness, no goals, giving up, and appearing overwhelmed—all of which deserve immediate attention. Every little conflict/issue/problem solved is a little victory, and one step closer to wholesome living. The knowing that dreams come true isn’t a fairy tale. How do we teach our children to know who they are; what they want; and to want what is noble, true and pure? Geotran, the language of all possibilities, is an easy, simple and fun program that clears past (generational, too) negative experiences and integrates future goals, bringing rapid change into people’s lives. Marija Santo-Sarnyai is a certified natural health professional and Geotran practitioner. For more information, contact Marija at 201-388-4661 or [email protected]