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How to Have a Fearless Death

Fearless Death_Calendar picDeath. How does that word make you feel? Logically, we know that we will experience death. No matter who we are or how we have lived our life, this moment will surely come. We know this, yet somehow we forget. Perhaps it is fear of the unknown that keeps us from facing it. But, according to Buddhist philosophy, death is a precious opportunity—if we know how to use it.

Tulku Lobsang, world-renowned master of the Tantrayana healing arts, openly shares such traditionally secret practices. When asked why, he said they are too beneficial to be allowed to grow cold. And so, with his characteristic humor and charisma, Tulku Lobsang offers these practices to modern audiences, so they remain “warm” teachings.

On Sunday, August 24th at Pure Yoga West, Tulku Lobsang will reveal the deep wisdom of the Tantric tradition regarding our passing from this world to the next, and exactly how to prepare for it. Death is an internal process. It is an experience of body and mind and Buddhism explains this process exactly. We do not need to fear death. It can be a smooth transition, beautiful even. So if you want to learn to be calm, clear and prepared at death, here is your chance! And learning to have a fearless death means learning to live a fearless life.

Tulku Lobsang teaches “Fearless Death” Sunday, August 24th at Pure Yoga West, 10 am – 5 pm, $70.