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Natural Awakenings New York City

Let Music Be Your Ride to the Other Side

UnknownMusic has been a guiding, transformative and mystical presence in my life for as long as I can remember. I trace back in my mind to the age of two, standing in my dining room in front of the old Poole upright piano passed down from my grandmother...pressing the mysterious keys, at eye level, feeling waves of sound rush through me as long fingers of light danced through window panes, embracing me and sound in magical cocoon glow. I knew, even then, that music was a vehicle that could take me places beyond the tangible world I saw around me. I felt a deeper connection to Source ignited within, a remembrance of a infinite soul energy that we all share and the subconscious acknowledgement that my life would be largely dedicated to using music as a powerful tool to inspire others.

Many years later, after countless journeys traveled in the vehicle of music, I can say that, to me, it remains the most incredible gift available to every human being on this Earth; enabling us to quickly tap in and align to the truth of who we are, find peace, growth and interconnection. When we sit down on our own or in groups, quiet our minds and dive into melody and vibration, with intention, a portal of possibility opens. As we simultaneously tune to the same frequency we can begin to understand each other, feel our shared human experience, find growth, healing and compassion, and exhale all of the agitation and separation that we have been storing up within. Once we let go and harmonize in this new space, carried on waves of sound, we find our own creative spirit and excitement dancing within our hearts and minds once again. We remember that life is not about the boring tasks, confined spaces and greed that we have allowed to take us prisoner...we are free beings, consciously creating our existence!

So...put on your favorite song and close your eyes! Set an intention or ask a question. Open yourself to a new journey and let music be your ride to the other side!

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