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Natural Awakenings New York City

Atlas Balancing™ Training

The brain is a master computer constantly sending messages at rapid speed. These messages run through the Atlas via the spinal column and nervous system. If the Atlas is turned or twisted (as is on 98% of people from birth), then messages are being stifled, confused and not fully delivered. That creates stress and tension in the system. Those are critical markers for many serious health conditions that begin to occur.

Medical journals are publishing new research about how critical Atlas alignment is for optimal health and that it maybe the hidden cause of many chronic pain conditions related to back, knee, ankle, joint, hip or stiff neck, ADD, ADHD, TMJ, challenged immune systems, scoliosis and more.

The benefits of Atlas Balancing™ have profound impact on the entire body structure. It is a gentle technique imploring only light touch and “inspired” soundcodes™…NO manipulation or adjustments and usually just one session is required. This technology breakthrough opens the body to a natural, guided self-healing. Each code is toned to specific areas and innately programmed to work at the root level of cause. This alignment can bring lasting changes in one’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual system. Atlas Balancing is a foundational alignment and can increase the effectiveness of all other modalities.


Atlas Balancing Creator, Elisabeth Westermann from Germany is offering Level 1 training, March 28-31 and April 4-7 (both required). Boston area. For more information and EARLY BIRD registration visit Contact Bhimi: 310-466-7600.