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Billy’s Infinity Superfoods—the Best Mother Nature Has to Offer

My aim is for Infinity Superfoods to have a profoundly awesome impact on your health,” says Billy Merritt, regarding his organic, plant-based line of powders, capsules and bars. “Once you have tried our blue-green algae-infused superfood formula, I am confident you will experience a substantial difference in your overall health and vitality.” Infinity Superfood formulas have a special nutritive property in all their ingredients.


Together they support detoxification, immune system, circulation, muscles, brain, joints, bones, digestion, liver, kidneys, pancreas, energy and overall longevity, Merritt explains. All ingredients are organically grown (or harvested from the wild), dried at low temperatures, and ground into fine powder to be mixed with water, juice, smoothie, or taken in capsule form. This assures a level of incomparable purity and potency. In addition, Infinity products are free from wheat, wheat grass, gluten, soy, peanuts and GMO.


Not only has Merritt done his best to ensure his products are packed “with the most elite ingredients on Earth,” he tries to make them as affordable as possible as well. Consumers can choose from the following:

Infinity Greens – a blend of superfoods formulated to remove toxins and replenish with restorative nutrients for overall health and longevity.

Infinity-C – a blend of high vitamin C superfoods targeting your immune system.

Infinity Protein – a concentrate of pure plant foods formulated for optimal lean muscle development; 18.2 grams of pure protein and only 99 calories in one serving.

Infinity Bars – a healthy meal for on the go.“These [products] have shown to beautifully impact the health and wellbeing of countless individuals seeking a better way to live through improved nutrition, and this is my wish for you,” shares Merritt.


For more information, call 877-291-1990 or visit