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Love Your Locks

Nowadays people are more aware about what they are putting into and on their bodies and more informed of the risks of using non-organic hair products that are toxic to our body. Mauricio Cifuentes,founder of Mauricio Hair Studio in the Flatiron District shares why it’s important to provide loving care to your locks:


Regular hair dyes tend to contain hundreds of chemicals, which are the causes of severe hair loss and now is believed to be cancer causing.


Non-organic products are harsh for the skin, highly damaging to hair and even allergy causing.

Organic products are supplied in eco-friendly packaging that eliminates the unnecessary use of paper and plastic.

An Organic hairstylist will detoxify and treat your hair with the appropriate proteins and moisture levels to balance its pH and restore normal elasticity.


Mauricio is a certified organic hairstylist and hair products specialist who attracts a worldly clientele with his expertise. He has over 10 years of experience working as a fashion and editorial hairstyle. Fluent in unisex styles and color trends, Mauricio’s creations live on the cutting edge of what’s fresh and modern—always using the best non-toxic products that are nutritious and safe for the body and equally effective.


Restore your hair with love by Mauricio and his team by calling 212-532- 3030 or visiting First time clients, mention Natural Awakenings and receive extra discounts and offers!