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Chase The Winter Blues Away With Colors

There are a few things we absolutely need for survival like air, water and food. Light is another important element we tend to forget. Hunger and thirst strongly remind us about lack of food and water, and winter blues is the physiological reminder about the lack of light.  If you feel sleepy, tired, down and depressed during winter months, your body tells you that it needs more light. During the rest of the year, we effortlessly absorb light waves by looking at colorful trees, plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables, the sky or the sea. The rainbow of light wave frequencies benefits the body’s electromagnetic field and makes us feel vibrant, energetic and active. 

Chase winter blues away and claim your happy and productive energy now, try these suggestions from Julia Kulakova, New York based creator of Silk Moves: Fit and Feminine, dance fitness with colorful silks.

• Enjoy looking at the snow, whenever you have a chance. Snow exaggerates light reflection and naturally counteracts winter’s dim light.

• Wear color. Take a break from the New York’s infamous black silhouette, and treat yourself and all around you to colors from your wardrobe. Wearing color against the backdrop of black trees and grey sky suits everyone.

• Eat color.  Choose fruits and vegetables of bright colors, eat them and display them in a bowl to add color to your household.

• Look at color. Make your winter art choices wisely. Stay away from black and white movies and graphics and look for vibrant textile or fine art exhibitions.

• Reading and computer work is mostly a black and white activity; remember to balance it with colorful time outside.

• Play with color. Find the activities like painting or knitting to touch colors. Try a session in authentic holistic practices of Ayurveda and Qi Gong, which relate colors to particular organs and employ color visualization to improve mood and health for centuries. For a quick portable color fix, a kaleidoscope is a great invention. Color your winter life to create your own health, energy and happiness.


Julia Kulakova’s Silk Moves: Fit and Feminine dance fitness with colorful silks will be held Feb 2, 9, 23, March 2, 9 at the JCC Manhattan, 334 Amsterdam Ave at 76th St. More info at or contact Julia at [email protected].


Photo: Elena Shakhova