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Dance Your Way to Health With Silks

Julia Kulakova, New York based female fitness expert and creator of Silk Moves: Fit and Feminine has been running her dance series on the upper west side with colorful playful silks to tone arms and waist, improve cardio, benefit the breast tissue and reduce stress. Kulakova states, “It’s not realistic to expect a desk-bound professional to immediately mimic the polished moves of a dance instructor, yet every woman has her own naturally beautiful moves, which can make her happy. It’s important to create the situations for those moves to come out.”

Here are Julia’s suggestions to ease your way into a new movement class:

- Set your goals to achieve 60 %, and have fun with the rest.

- Pay attention to both, the encouragements and the corrections to make the most of your class.

- Make sure to speak to the instructor about your concerns before the session starts.

- Concentrate on the flow of the class, rather than on perfecting the moves instantly.

- Move away from mirrors to avoid being distracted and overly critical.

- Look for the happy classes, which make you come back to become familiar with the moves and sequences.

As soon as you feel comfortable in a particular class, your moves reflect it by becoming more relaxed, confident and beautiful.


Silk Moves: Fit and Feminine dance series starts in the new year on Sunday, Feb 2nd, at the JCC Manhattan, 334 Amserdam at W. 76th St. For more information visit or


Photo credits: Nadezda Novikova & Sal Romano