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Natural Awakenings New York City

Publishers Letter. Jan 2014

Dear Natural Awakenings Readers and Friends,

What a fantastic milestone for Natural Awakenings Publishing Corp. to reach our 20 year anniversary this month!  What a better a way to share the true experience of what happened 20 years ago than with a letter from our founder and CEO, Sharon Bruckman below.  Each and every one of us publishers across America is truly grateful to deliver good news to our local community and I personally thank you for reading the NYC edition of Natural Awakenings Magazine.


Cheers to Your Health!

Tina Woods, Publisher

Natural Awakenings Magazine NYC


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I’m often asked if I ever imagined 20 years ago that Natural Awakenings would multiply into 90 sister magazines across the country. In response, I sometimes share the story of the early urgings from Spirit that didn’t make sense to me at the time and wouldn’t let up. Although I had been asking the Divine to use me and my gifts and talents for some greater good, starting a magazine wasn’t a direction suggested by anything on my resumé.


Ultimately surrendering to the steering and relying on this same inner compass to guide me every step of the way has miraculously kept Natural Awakenings on the forefront of the growing global awakening to a more conscious, natural and sustainable way to live.


It’s a passion-fueled mission offering endless opportunities of personal and spiritual growth for everyone Natural Awakenings touches. The name itself was ahead of its time. Twenty years ago, many of the complementary healing and consciousness raising tools available today did not exist. Mainstream America was essentially tuned out to the benefits of living a natural lifestyle that’s good for both people and the planet. Today, we like to think that Natural Awakenings is playing a pivotal part in helping this message reach the critical mass required to achieve the beneficial tipping point the world so desperately needs.


I loved my new role as publisher in Southwest Florida from that first day of traveling our community meeting individuals that count among those I consider the most important people on Earth. I started benefiting right away from being continually immersed in conversations and information with both local leaders and national experts on natural health, personal growth, spirituality and sustainability. It soon became apparent that our holistic community was widely benefiting from what we were creating together, and I knew we were on the right track.


Since the decision to franchise Natural Awakenings in 1999, I’ve been privileged to have the opportunity to support our expanding publishing family busily working to bring the advantages of natural healthy living alive in their local communities. Much teamwork has gone into developing and providing the tools needed to support their success. Sharing ideas on what naturally works provides us all a rich, inspiring perspective on the creative solutions and collaborative initiatives that are helping people around the country.


Infinite thanks go to our advertisers for their loyal support that makes publishing this free monthly magazine possible, and for sharing their people and planet-friendly products and services with our community. Special thanks recognize the first 40 advertisers that shared our vision from the beginning; some of these pioneers are still with us.


Deep appreciation extends to our entire Natural Awakenings staff, several of whom have steadfastly accompanied me on this journey for many years. It’s your love, commitment and stellar gifts and talents that bring all the pieces together each month and keep us delivering our best. Blessings shower our Natural Awakenings publishers that listened to their calling to join us and picked up the torch, raising it high to bring more light to their part of the world. I am in awe of their dedicated purpose.


Thank you, dear readers for picking up Natural Awakenings each month and joining nearly four million kindred spirits in this journey of relishing an awakened life and creating the kind world we know is possible. Thank you all for continuing to spread the word and spread the love.

To the next 20 years!


In deep gratitude,

Sharon Bruckman, CEO

Natural Awakenings Magazine


P.S. Also look for me in person on the upcoming Holistic Holiday at Sea vegan cruise, where I plan to join you.