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Approaching Hair Beauty Organically

Sep 02, 2013 10:33AM

I believe, as a hair stylist, my role goes beyond hair styling. Awareness, integrity and a logical purpose are key. This means possessing a deep understanding of hair needs and its problems and properly treating it with  gentle ingredients that nourish and beautify it without compromising the health of my clients and myself. - Mauricio C.

The Evolution

Not long ago, organic or natural was almost unheard of for cosmetic companies. A more chemical approach was always the way to do business. However, as consumers educated themselves and become more conscious, companies are being pushed in becoming more transparent with the ingredients they use. It has become a trend for people to know what they are putting into and onto their bodies.  As the era of hair products is evolving, consumers are  demanding more sustainable products and services.


What We Do


We are not the conventional hair salon where you are just another client.  At Mauricio Hair we are clear about our mission, which is to promote health and wellness for hair. Before any service, we conduct an analysis to determine the hair’s integrity. Next, prior to any haircut or color service, we detoxify and treat it with the appropriate proteins and moisture levels to balance its PH and restore its normal elasticity. Finally, we send our clients home with a recommended regimen comprised of natural and organic products to continue the repair and  replenishment process.  We carefully choose the products we use on our clients. Using the maximum amount of certified ingredients with natural extracts and minerals delivers benefits for the hair and for the health of our consumers.


Our products are free of:

• Ammonia

• Resorcinol

• PPD’s

• Gluten

• Synthetics

• Parabens & Sulfates

• Ethoxylates

• Harsh Activators (we replace it with Pharmaceutical-grade hydrogen peroxide which is very gentle to the skin) Our products are USDA approved, Vegan and environmentally safe.


The Benefits Are Many

Covers gray 100%, prevents hair loss, no more dry scalp and the best of all, no more itchy, burning scalp and harsh fumes since we don’t use ammonia and toxic color activators.  All of these natural steps create a salon environment that is simply more pleasant.


Signature Hair Treatments

Our clients love our signature treatments, which improve the look and feel of the hair, ranging from those that add the essential proteins, oils and/or essential moisture needed to maintain healthier tresses. 


*Our clients:  Pregnant women, people with allergies, sensitive skin, people with dry scalps and all of us who are part of the organic revolution and this new wave of sustainable practices.  


As we evolve in life, we become more conscious of what is beneficial or harmful to our bodies and the environment. We adapt to new trends, new life styles are born and as we grow, more educated choices can be made.  We take pride in our innovative and conscientious approach to beauty.  We invite everyone who believes in alternative options that involve the power of nature and the efficiency of science.


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