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It Begins With Hope

Aug 14, 2013 11:37AM

How do we heal the epidemic of depression and anxiety that is the dilemma of our modern age? Regardless of therapies available, the use of medications continues to increase. Reality check: What’s going on here?  As spiritual beings having a human experience, we all have a plan for our lives before we’re born. We expect to overcome life’s challenges, but it’s harder than we thought it would be. We feel disconnected from our Guides and from Source. We abandon hope that we can be who our souls want us to be. Enter depression or anxiety.

Oprah Winfrey states: “The best thing that can happen in your life is to figure out your life path as soon as possible and start making the plans necessary to be living that now.” This, simply, is exactly what The Lightworkers Healing Method does. As we realign with our soul plan, depression and anxiety evaporate. Hope takes their place and, in an “impossibly” short time, evolves into JOY.

Classes begin soon! Level One: The Foundation - August 24-25.

The main event is near Boston. You can webinar in from anywhere. By working together, each living our own soul plans, the world transforms.


As taught at Kripalu and the Institute of Noetic Sciences




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