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Dr Adiel Tel-Oren, Making a Difference one Spot at a Time

Jun 06, 2013 10:07AM

Coming to the North East in June 2013 is Dr Adiel Tel-Oren, who uses his practice as a medical give back.  Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren (“Dr. T”) is an MD trained in Europe and the USA (licensed in Europe), a Doctor of Chiropractic (trained in the USA, in practice until 2001), and a Licensed Nutritionist (Minnesota). He is board-certified in Functional Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, Disability Analysis, and Oxidative Medicine/Chelation Therapy.  He is a Professor & Certified Clinical Nutritionist with the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists and a member of the ACA Council on Nutrition. Dr. Tel-Oren is President Emeritus of the University of Natural Medicine (Santa Fe, New Mexico), where he is Dean of Medical Sciences and Professor of Functional and Nutritional Medicine.   Dr. Tel-Oren approaches most health challenges utilizing functional, dietary, clinical, and nutritional medicine, plus special therapeutic modalities and in-depth detoxification protocols. 

Dr. Tel-Oren conducts clinical research, offers educational & certification seminars as well as CD’s & DVD’s, edits & authors books & articles, and does radio/TV interviews. He also guides groups on Humanitarian Eco-Treks in Nepal and foraging trips in Wisconsin.  Each year, he delivers about 250 lectures and workshops internationally.   

Dr. T, as he is affectionately known,  also offers skin lesion treatment clinics in 30 U.S. cities and over 25 Israeli locations. Net proceeds from skin-lesion clinics (as well as donations) go to fund the Everest Learning Academy (ELA) to nurture, educate, and protect thousands of disadvantaged Nepali children from child trafficking, prostitution, lifetime slavery, and inhuman conditions of emotional and physical abuse of unimaginable magnitude. This is a common occurrence in impoverished rural Nepal, where up to 15,000 children are being kidnapped and/or sold to India by “brokers” for as little as $350 USD  each, resulting in 100,000 Nepali girls languishing in Indian Brothels (50% become HIV-positive).  These children, in their remote rural/agrarian villages with high illiteracy rate, don’t receive protection from their own corrupt or resourceless government and are ignored by their impoverished communities. Their own families and villagers are so poor that they can’t take care of them, often needing them to work in the fields instead of going to school.  ELA opened its doors in 2011 and is a network of schools, childcare centers and orphanages that prevent child trafficking by providing holistic education and protection for disadvantaged children in rural villages.  


Funds from Dr. T's skin clinics, as well as donations, go directly toward: 

• construction of schools, community outreach facilities, childcare centers and orphanages

• school buses, education fees, school supplies and clothing• development of libraries• children's healthcare and nutritional needs• computers and teaching essentials• Montessori education training for teachers• living salaries for the teaching and support staff• expansion of the school network and enrollment of children with a goal to enroll 100,000 children!• education of mothers so they are able to help children with school work


Dr. T is available for one-on-one skin clinic appointments in numerous locations throughout the United States. Appointments include a FREE brief skin inspection and immediate pain free non-surgical removal of all kinds of skin lesions including, moles, skin tags, lesions, red spots.  Find out where Dr. T will be next!  


Why remove them?

Appearance: No scarring, pitting, or regrowth in the vast majority of cases. Excellent results on the face. Very minimal scarring with flat, deeper pigmented (riskier) lesions.

Safety: Reduced risk of skin cancer. No more watching moles for dangerous changes, when riskier, invasive, scarring procedures (that may spread cancer) become justified.

Prevention: Reduced neurological irritation to the brain and spinal cord from asymmetrical skin growths and protrusions. Skin should be smooth!

Comfort: No more catching of moles on clothing, jewelry, or combs (in scalp growths).

Convenience: Usually requires a single treatment (a few minutes). No medical facility needed. No cutting, stitching, burning, or freezing, with their risk of infection and scars.

Guarantee: In rare cases of regrowth or incomplete results, there is no charge for re-treatment.


Learn about the cost, find out what kinds of things can be treated and read all about the procedure HERE:

Learn about the procedure directly from Dr. T's video HERE:


*Skin Clinic Appointments Fill Up Quickly so Sign Up for your Appointments Now!


Dr. T has worked as a volunteer and tour leader in Nepal for 15 years, even during the risky & troublesome period of Maoist uprising and civil war of 1999-2008, when few tourists dared to visit the country.  He has established an excellent reputation that now helps ELA grow rapidly and gain support readily within the many communities he has helped medically, financially, socially, economically, and educationally over the years, as well as within adjacent communities. (Good news travels fast in Nepal!) Dr. T has been nick-named “ambassador of peace” in Nepal, regularly bringing together tourist groups with remote rural Nepalese, and solidifying the status of the countries represented by those tourists as allies – causing the tourists themselves to become “ambassadors of peace” and representatives of “harmony among nations.” This rare attention from foreign visitors greatly inspires otherwise isolated Nepali communities, excites them and motivates them to engage in self improvement and activism that is sustainable and contagious – stimulating other communities to follow suit, organize, and develop their own infrastructure.  You can find out more about participating in a Nepal trek with Dr. T as well as how to contribute to ELA or volunteer HERE.



Non - Profits:

Dr. T is Founder & Director of several non-profit organizations in the USA, Israel and Nepal. In the USA: Ecopolitan Eco-Health Community; Bio-Mental Health Foundation; Functional & Dental Health Foundation. In Israel: the Israeli Center For Functional Medicine. In Nepal: the Everest Learning Academy - a network of schools, community outreaches, orphanages, and day care centers that educate, nurture, and protect thousands of disadvantaged children & orphans in remote Nepali villages from child trafficking, prostitution, and slavery. 


Ecopolitan Eco-Health Community:

The Ecopolitan Eco-Health Community (EEC) is dedicated to Sustainable Global Care by improving basic conditions for distressed communities and children, increasing literacy, protecting & educating the most vulnerable members of society, and providing economic opportunities.  


The Everest Learning Academy:

The Everest Learning Academy is funded by EEC, which is financed by Dr. T and the fundraising efforts of Ecopolitan Steering Committees around the USA. You can become a vital part of the EEC, and support and protect the children, by harnessing your wisdom, passion and enthusiasm to organize or attend events & lectures in your area, or by volunteering or contributing in the name of global health, peace, and abundance – preserving humanity for future generations.


Products & Projects to Support Health and Ecology 

Bio-Active Plant Fraction® (BPF) Formulas

The Green Bakery® - the First Hypoallergenic Gluten-Free Vegan Bread

Habitat 4 Humanimals™  - an Eco-Village & Healing Sanctuary in River Haven, Wisconsin

The Ecopolitan® in Minneapolis - the healthiest ecological restaurant, offering culinary classes, a holistic Clinic, and the Eco-Stay Health Retreat.  

Find out more at 




New York City

Appointments Available Friday June 14th from 11AM-4PM

A.R.E. of NY, Edgar Cayce Center 

241 W. 30th St., #2, New York, NY 10001 

call 612-870-2974 or e-mail[email protected].


Long Island
Appointments Available Saturday June 15th from 9am-2PM 
Groh Well Healing Center 
389 Merrick Avenue, Merrick, NY 

call 612-870-2974 or e-mail[email protected].



What Your Skin is Telling You About Your Health. Aging Skin, Moles, Growths, Tags, Spots.. Why They Develop and What To Do About Them.

Friday June 14 from 7-10PM at Groh Well Healing Center 
389 Merrick Avenue, Merrick, NY


Stay connected with Dr. T by signing up for his mailing list HERE!





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