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Children under siege. What do we do?

Today, I would like to share with you a couple of concerns I have been having as a doctor and a mother of two kids.  The first issue that has been bothering me lately is: what are my children eating all day? I watch my daughter grimace every morning as I pack her lunch-box with fruits and veggie snacks; while my 2 and a half-year old son has already developed an obsession with macaroni and cheese.  I often talk to other parents about the challenges they face, as the school officials are making a great effort to introduce healthy snacks instead of processed, sweet, and fattening food.  Still most children choose the old and familiar, “evil” options.  At the end of the day, tons of precious fruits and vegetables are tossed away, while our children continue to eat poorly in school and to gain weight.  I have finally realized my mistake: it is not me or the teachers who should be making healthy food choices.  It’s the children themselves who should!

A second concern of mine has to do with the fact that during their early formative years, kids’ brains are exposed to screams, explosions and noises emanating from TV screens, video games, and computers.  

Kids are constantly reaching out for unhealthy snacks while they are playing videogames and watching TV.  Their poor psyche cannot keep up with the high-tech discoveries of 3-D, high definition, and virtual reality.  These children’s social skills are pathetic.  I was observing the following in the waiting room of the vocal studio where I took my 11-year old the other day.  In a small, cramped space, the parents were all talking to each other, laughing and telling stories.  ALL the children were hiding in the corners with their videogames, engrossed to the point where they would not even raise their eyes. 

Clearly, it’s time for action, and  I feel compelled to get involved.  That is why, with the help of dedicated experienced professionals, I have put together a comprehensive program for children called TOGETHER WE MOVE

This program puts boys and girls face to face in a friendly supervised setting, where they learn their first social and communication skills.  Through exposure to movement, rhythm, and flexibility, children learn not only to strengthen their muscular skills, but also to take pride in their own appearance, and to treat each other with courtesy and respect.  

In a fun and innovative format, TOGETHER WE MOVE sessions also incorporate nutritional education for both kids and their parents.  Sound nutrition is essential for mind and body development, and now more than ever we need to make changes in what many kids are CHOOSING to eat. By educating our children at a young age,  we impart them with the healthy habit to choose real foods with good nutrients over processed foods with artificial ingredients and too much sugar.

I hope that the  TOGETHER WE MOVE program will navigate our children in today’s complicated world towards better health and happiness.

To find out more about our TOGETHER WE MOVE program, please contact Doctors at Trump Place Longevity Institute at 212-580-0900 and ask for Anna.


Dr. Svetlana Kogan
Founder of Doctors at Trump Place Longevity Institue and MediSpa