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Be Who Your Soul Wants You to Be

The Lightworkers Healing Method: BE Who Your Soul Wants You to Be 

by Lynn McGonagill

Stunning, heartfelt and completely honest, The Lightworkers Healing Method: BE Who Your Soul Wants You to Be by Lynn McGonagill is all about being human, becoming the person you were born on this Earth to be, and interacting with the Universe in the most efficient way possible.  It is possible to learn “little energy tricks” that will help you to live your life in a more harmonious way.  Lynn McGonagill joyfully takes us step-by-step through the process she has honed over the past 21 years of training with higher-dimension Avatars who carefully and meticulously taught her this process in the years after her brother’s early death.

The Lightworkers Healing Method is a system of Angelically guided energy healing, devised to heal the healer as well as the client.  Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Emotional issues can all be healed, and you can learn to do this yourself through this inspired method.

Do you want the key to joy and fulfillment?  Not only love, health, and prosperity, but actual sustainable JOY?  This remarkable guide carefully leads you down the path from basic energy sensing to clarity and understanding.  We can activate our ability to perceive.  We can all become vessels for Divine Healing to occur.  We can help others to heal & simultaneously be healed ourselves.  This is an amazing gift to the world at a time when we so desperately need it.

About the AuthorLynn McGonagill is the Founder and Teaching Channel of LHM.  Filled with personal anecdotes and insights that allow the reader to completely identify with her, she breaks down each of these lessons into manageable, digestible, learnable segments.  With each turn of the page, you can feel yourself growing toward mastery in this unique and powerful healing art.