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Couples Communication Training & Fitness Workout

Learn accountability, flexibility, mobility, balance, power, and strength in your relationship and in life with NYC Agape’s 5-week program designed for couples.  Program founder, Mike Brown, created this program for couples seeking a healthy lifestyle plan with the added benefit of learning partnership communication.

During the duration of the 5-week program you will have ten one-hour sessions at Work Gym in Soho, NY.  Each workout motivates the individual person to compete with themselves and not the strengths and weakness of their spouse. The exercises are used for team building by setting individual goals and not being overwhelmed by what goals your spouse has set.

The program fee is $2000 per couple and includes two nike+ fuel bands to track each partners personal progress and goals, two pairs of boxing gloves and a pre/post assessment as a couple by sports psychologist by Dr. Robert Price. Couples in the program will compete for healthy organic dinners out on town at the end of each week.  Couples use NYC Agape as a tool to feel great inside and out and it will reflect in your relationship with your spouse.


NYC Agape is offering a New York couple one free session in mid January. To enter, follow @nycagape on Twitter and hashtag #naturalagape by Jan 11th.  For more information on the program or to signup directly, email [email protected].

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