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Natural Awakenings New York City

Publishers Letter. Jan 2013

Dec 24, 2012 09:29PM

Dear Natural Awakenings Readers and Friends,

What the Frack is going on??  This month, we are sharing our education on a hot topic in New York State and across America...Fracking.  Short for "fracturing"fracking fractures our bedrock along with the use of chemicals that can leak into our earths water supplies and causing much harm to our environment.  The reason it is a hot topic for New York right now is because between 34,000 and 95,000 wells are envisioned for New York State alone, with 77,000 likely over the next 50 years.  What can you do to take a stand and protect our earth and our children's future? Find out more on pages 18-19.
Starting off the New Year Healthy and right is always at the fore-front of our minds every January....a new start, a new year, a new game-plan.  Packed in our pages, you will find liberating and new information to help you lead the healthiest life possible as a preventative measure for your overall well-being and longevity.  We have top notch articles from New York's leading alternative physicians who strive to make the course of your life better.  See what they have to say and give them a call today to start a new you.  Leave the incessant online-reading and mind-clutter behind and trust being under the care of a holistic physician.
After your healthy living check up at the physician, skip off to a body-moving and blood flowing activity to keep your parts oiled up and fluid, just like the mechanics on a car!  Check out Chelsea's new anti-gravity aeriel yoga studio (pg 10) or try a free private ballroom intro at New Yorker Social Dance Club (pg 5), for both individuals and couples. Speaking of couples, why not try a couples boxing class that puts your body and your communication to the test! (pg 9).
Always fill your mind and your soul with things that make you feel enriched. Take time for you and if you don't know who the you inside is, try exploring through our pages to see which things spark a shimmer in your eye!  
Happy New Year to You and Yours!


Tina Woods, Publisher

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