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Lost Your Joie de Vivre? Your Hormones May Be to Blame

You may be completely miserable and you don’t even know it.  This is the case with most of my new patients until they experience just how great they can feel after just a few weeks of treatment. I was discussing this with one of my colleagues here at Patients Medical, Dr. Vivan DeNise, who specializes in hormonal balancing and integrative internal medicine and she heartily agreed.

Let’s take Sandra, for instance. During her first visit, we were discussing her daily routines. She said that she usually “feels fine”. But when I dug a bit further, she admitted that she


  • Woke up most nights and couldn’t get back to sleep for hours
  • Felt tired and depressed most mornings
  • Needed coffee and something sugary to eat to get her morning started
  • Was fatigued and in a foul mood all day at work
  • Didn’t have the energy after work to exercise or spend time with her husband
  • Felt stressed during and after work and was using alcohol and junk food to relax

In my book, that’s not feeling “fine”. That’s feeling miserable. But most patients think that this way of life is the norm. They assume it’s an inevitable symptom of “getting older”.

Dr. DeNise and I agree that this is simply not the case!

Many times there is a medical problem causing you to feel this way. And the great news is that life CAN be great. You CAN feel inspired and joyful, optimistic and radiant. And you CAN feel this way every day when your body is working well for you.

According to Dr. DeNise, many people are suffering from hormonal imbalance and they may not even know it. Often, conventional medical doctors aren’t familiar with the symptoms or are not well-versed enough in the delicate web of our hormonal systems to even be able to evaluate the nature of the imbalance.

“Many of my patients have already been to other doctors who tried to put them on anti-depressants when they weren’t really depressed. They didn’t know what was wrong and they didn’t know where to turn. So when the doctor offered them a ‘quick fix’, they took it. But it made the problem worse,” explains Dr. DeNise.

As a holistic medical doctor, we are trained to always look for the “root cause” of the symptom, instead of just trying to cover it up with a prescription drug. The health and balance of your sex hormones and adrenals are key to feeling excited about life, productive and having drive and passion every day. It’s not easy to find this balance, but a physician who is trained in hormonal balancing with Bioidentical Hormones can help you get there.

After getting her hormones and adrenals balance, nutrition in order and helping her find some nutritional supplements that support her whole wellness, Sandra feels alive again.

“My colleagues don’t have to walk on egg shells around me because I’m glad to be at work and I feel productive,” relates Sandra. “And now instead of my husband chasing me for sex, I’m chasing him!” Looks like her work isn’t the only area where Sandra found her joie de vivre.

Are you ready to get your groove back? Partner with one of our holistic medical doctors to evaluate your hormonal and adrenal health. They’ll help you create a plan to start feeling joyful and passionate about your life again.


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By: Dr. Rashmi Gulati

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