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Natural Awakenings New York City

Publishers Letter. Nov 2012

Dear Natural Awakenings Readers and Friends,

"Does one have the power to change the course of their path or is it preset before us?"  This is the conversation I had recently with a good friend. I told her this...I started the NYC Edition of Natural Awakenings Magazine 3 years ago and stood in the middle of Times Square with a paper magazine blowing in my hand, looked up at the sky and am I going to do this in the media mecca of the world?

I then told her that 1 year ago, we had a National Natural Awakenings Publishers Conference. I was in the midst of deciding if I would be able to get the NYC Edition to the place it needed to be. In this joining of like minds and souls, we held hands, we prayed and set intentions for the future of Natural Awakenings Publishing Corporation. We participated in a moving Shaman ceremony where I tied a Shaman bracelet on my wrist that I have never taken off to this day. It was my commitment to make this NYC edition happen. I then got a postcard from our location and wrote on it all the intentions that I had for the course of Natural Awakenings in NYC and I spent time over it with my eyes closed asking God to put all his energy into it. Afterward, I put it on my bulletin board and did not look at it until a few months ago. When I did take it down and flipped it over, all the intentions I had written came true. I then told my friend if we have the power to change our path, it is through prayer, meditation and connecting to the God who is ever present in all of our hearts ♥

I hope you enjoy this plentiful November edition as we share with you many passionate people living to their truest intentions, including myself and all those involved in Natural Awakenings Publishing Corporation.


Tina Woods

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