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The Yoga of Marketing

Finally there’s help for holistic practitioners and coaches who love what they do, but are at a loss for how to market their practice.  Cathy Wilke, a holistic business coach, will teach The Yoga Of Marketing on Sunday, October 14th at One Spirit Learning Alliance at  247 West 36th Street.  This is a full day workshop where holistic practitioners who are overwhelmed by marketing and social media will learn how to grow a clientele, promote their services and build a community around what they do without having to do anything that doesn’t align with their values. 

 Cathy Wilke is the owner of Freedom and Fulfillment.  She is dedicated to helping healers and coaches make a great living doing their great work. She runs classes and coaching programs throughout the year that are geared solely to holistic practitioners.

For more information on They Yoga Of Marketing go to:

or call: 914-712-8680