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Natural Awakenings New York City

Publishers Letter. Oct 2012

Sep 28, 2012 05:23PM

Dear Natural Awakenings Readers and Friends,

What a glorious way to head into fall as pictured on our cover with your arms open to possibility, inspiration and freedom with a sense of fashion and fun.  This is the energy with which we wish you re-shape or build upon your future.  In this great October issue we bring you many topics that cover various areas of life, from food, our global future, our children, and our selves.  The fantastic thing about this issue and every issue is that the people you see pictured in our pages and mentioned in our articles are all passionate about leading a better way of life and helping you do the same.  We have an abundant overload of resources to help you pave a new way in your future and all you need to do is connect with those you see in our magazine that spark a sense of inquiry within you.  

I have been fortunate to use Natural Awakenings Magazine as a resource to shape my path for the past several years, even before I saw the opportunity to take over as publisher.  Since my mind said "yes" when I saw the opportunity to join Natural Awakenings as a publisher, it completely revamped the course of my life and began a series of outstanding events which allowed me to say "yes" over and over again and experience the abundance that life has to offer.

What I hope this instills in you is the ability to take "action" in life when you see something that makes your heart says "yes".  It's a quick internal response that your soul knows is right. So, as you flip through the pages of our magazine, take note when you hear "yes", don't second guess and connect with the people and information we are sharing with you.  For they too are looking for those who say "yes" to what they do.

If you listen to your heart, what do you have to loose?…If you don't listen to your heart, what do you have to win?


Feel Good, Live Simply, Laugh More,

Tina Woods