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New York's Hudson Valley Furniture Artisans Love Green Practices

We can all do something to reduce negative impact on the environment. This is what is done at Dancing Moon, LLC based in the Hudson Valley area of New York. Dancing Moon designs and builds high end limited edition furniture and accessories using reclaimed materials and environmentally friendly finishes as much as practical. The reason they decided to embrace green practices is simple: They care about the environment.

Paul Fiorillo of Dancing Moon states “When the company was founded,one of the guiding principles we established, which our team has full heartedly embraced, is to follow a sustainable approach. Our green practices start from the design phase with selection of materials and design of assembly methods and extend to the manufacturing process and to shipping with selection of biodegradable shipping materials. We define ourselves as Responsible Earth Citizens.”

Implementing a green policy requires more effort in specifying materials and finding resources for reclaimed materials and special finishes. The cost of the materials is also typically higher. Paul also states, “While performing our money making business duties we decided we did not want to do it at the expense of the environment. Folks own a product that has a minimum negative impact on the environment. The increased product cost is low. The added benefit is reclaimed materials add a unique character to each product which can’t be easily duplicated with new materials. The products style and quality is never compromised.”

Dancing Moon delivers anywhere in New York City or near vicinity. View Dancing Moon’s current collection at