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Singing HU Brings Spiritual Healing, Harmony & Help

People everywhere are looking for greater health, happiness and peace of mind. New Yorkers are among the most savvy and sincere; many search for the next step to care for themselves and their families. While some next steps are easy, others involve major life changes. New Yorkers are looking for simple solutions, something that fits in on the commute to work, during a run, in the evening before bedtime. Here’s a spiritual technique that thousands have cherished across the centuries.

Those from every walk of life and spiritual teaching use this technique to get direct access to inner guidance. It’s a way to tune into the best possible options in any situation—for everyone’s highest good. This technique is simply singing the word HU.


How to Sing HU

HU brings clarity and balance. Sing HU silently or aloud on a long drawn-out breath like this: Huuuuuuu . . . (pronounced like the word hue). Some people sing it for up to twenty minutes a day, followed by a period of silent contemplation. Others use it as an in-the-moment reconnection with their highest self. Many who sing HU feel increased peace and confidence that all is in its right place. Others report seeing an inner light – white, blue, pink, or other colors – or hearing inner sounds, such as a flute, chimes, an electrical humming, even an orchestra. All uplifting. All bringing harmony.


A Higher Perspective

HU is the main mantra used in Eckankar, which teaches that a spiritual essence, the Light and Sound, connects everyone with the heart of God. What makes singing this one-syllable word so powerful?

In HU, the Most Beautiful Prayer, the spiritual leader of Eckankar, Harold Klemp answers this: “When you sing the name of God with love, the bindings and bands that constrain Soul will begin to unwind. Not all at once but very slowly, at a rate you can understand and accept. As these bindings are released, Soul rises in spiritual freedom. “As Soul, you are like a balloon that rises above the ground. The higher you go, the farther you can see. And the farther you can see, the better you can plan your life.“


Reincarnation and Dreams

Although reincarnation is viewed as a primary tenet of Eastern religions, a June 2012 Pew Poll reported that 25% of Christians believe in reincarnation. Why the rising belief in past lives? Perhaps people are having experiences that lead them to believe they’ve lived before – a feeling of déjà-vu when visiting a certain place, an affinity for another culture or country, an unexplained natural talent. Dreams offer another way to know one’s eternal nature and access spiritual help. Singing HU for a few minutes before sleep can enhance dream recall. In his book on spiritual dreaming, Harold Klemp writes: “Dreams are a direct line to the sea of our hidden life, much like a fishing line dropped from a small boat into a bottomless sea. “A person who learns to dream well can usually take everyday life in stride, because dreams give him or her a perception that others cannot help but notice. An understanding of dreams can steady us for the surprises of the day, and so aid us in learning to manage stress with more foresight and grace.”


Is singing HU your next spiritual step? Try it and see. When you’re in the midst of chaos or seeking a calm center, HU can help open you to receive life’s gifts. In each step is the confidence to take another.


Written By: Emma Laurence

Regional ECK Spiritual Aide of New York


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