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6 Safe and Healthy Nutrition Tips for Summer

Summer is here! It’s time to enjoy outings with your friends and loved ones at the park, the beach or around the campfire. While we cherish these events, don’t let poor nutrition choices ruin your event – or your health – this summer. Our family medicine doctor, Thomas Goforth, is just as passionate about nutrition as I am. So we sat down and talked about our top tips to keep you safe and healthy this summer around food and beverages.

Choose water – not alcohol or sugary beverages. It’s so important to stay hydrated – especially if you are exercising vigorously. Alcohol is not a good option for rehydration. Pure water or fruits and veggies are much better at rehydrating and replacing electrolytes that you may lose from sweating in the hot son.

Eat one portion – not the whole platter. Barbecues usually have platters full of delicious foods that you’d love to try. So try a little, not a lot. Not only will you be pleased that you didn’t over-consume on calories, you’ll save yourself from indigestion and heart burn.

Incorporate whole foods to protect your skin from sun damage. Did you know that whole foods containing Vitamin C, E, and Selenium can help protect your skin from being damaged by the sun? Eat plenty of leafy greens, citrus, berries, nuts and veggies for beautiful summer skin. And don’t forget to use your natural sunblock, too!

Use healthy oils on salad – not heavy dressings. Summer salads are a refreshing and natural way to get your essential nutrients, so why douse them with ranch dressing loaded with preservatives, chemicals and trans fats? Avocado, olive oil, nuts and seeds are great additions to your leafies that will boost your salad’s health AND yum factor.

Eat healthy proteins – not charred mystery meat. Street fairs and barbecues are famous for the charred meat on a stick. Pass this up for healthy forms of protein sans carcinogenic charcoal marks. Try beans, legumes, nuts and high quality chicken or fish that you know has been consciously and freshly prepared. This will save you from salmonella and other illnesses you can get from meat and dairy products that have been sitting in the sun for too long or prepared in unsanitary conditions.

Eat local, fresh produce – not stuff that needs a passport. There are so many delicious items in season at your local farmer’s market, you can pass on the stuff that’s been shipped from across the globe this time of year. Why? The fresher the fruit or veggie, the more nutritious it is. Also, local farmers that use sustainable and conscious means of growing their produce spare your body of harmful insecticides, herbicides and radiation that foods are treated with as they are shipped from other continents. Put this list on your refrigerator or in your wallet to ensure you can stay on track with your wellness all summer long and reach the fall, radiant with health and energy. Would you like to use the summer to work on a specific health goal? Partner with Dr. Goforth for physical examinations, weight loss help, family wellness check-ups or to treat many other medical conditions today. He accepts most major medical insurances and is currently taking new patients.

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Written By:

Rashmi Gulati, MD

Patients Medical

800 Second Ave, Suite 900

New York, NY  10017