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How Corporations can use the “Art of Dance” as a Team Building exercise for Employees

Numerous methods are used by corporations to motivate their employees such as motivational speakers or weekend retreats.  Current trends are for physical activities, such as yoga or tai chi. Many corporate buildings are now equipped with employee exercise facilities.  A new and upcoming way to eliminate stress and to motivate employees is through the use of dance. 

Dance as  “Employee Motivation” can be implemented to:

Create a Cohesive and Productive Work Environment

Improve Employee Communication

Improve Work Motivation

Reduce Stress

Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

When a corporation uses dancing, whether it is a fun and active salsa class or a relaxing and sophisticated social dance class it helps promote good team building and communication between employees.  In the Internet age, employees are frequently driven to staying within their department environment for many hours at a time.  Due to long hours sitting in front of computers many employees have suffered from burnout and stress, which cost the company through loss of work hours and payment of health benefits.

One way corporations can assist employees with this issue is to give the employee the opportunity to leave his or her office and take a dance class.  At the corporate offices of Sony in Anaheim California, many employees spend the last hour of their workweek socializing with other employees and participating in salsa classes that are held by a local ballroom dance center. Natural Awakenings publisher, Tina Woods, thrives on ballroom and salsa dancing in and around New York and maintains that her vitality for life comes from dancing. “Without the freedom, fun, and fluidity that dancing provides, I don’t know how I would be balanced,” states Woods, who is avid in physical fitness and a certified yoga instructor, but has found the yin to her media yang in dance.

Whether it is ballroom dancing or salsa dancing, the “Art of the Dance” partnership can help the employee on and off the dance floor.  In the dance partnership there is both a leader and a follower, which promotes leadership qualities and assertiveness.  It is important for both individuals to learn their “job” as well as to be able to follow instruction and follow through. This is helpful in many ways such as meeting deadlines with projects and also assists in concentration.  The “Art of Dance” helps the employee to establish realistic goals and to balance their strengths and weaknesses. It promotes appropriate behavior between employees, which many times is lacking due to long hours at their desk.

Dance can be also used in “team building” exercises where employees can realize their full potential and productivity.  If an employee can master a simple dance move with a partner they then can take their knowledge off the dance floor and bring it into the boardroom. Dancing gives the individual the confidence and knowledge of the unknown.  

Dancing can be considered as a health benefit for employees. Corporations often pay for health benefits and by giving their employees an outlet such as dance classes it helps promote healthy lifestyle and reduces employee absenteeism.

So, whether it be a small establishment or a large corporation such as Sony the “Art of Dance” is a great way for employees to learn discipline, get motivated, get healthy, get social and most of all have a good time doing so.


This article was written by the New Yorker Social Dance Club in Midtown, NYC. The staff at NYSDC are passionate about sharing their love of dance and the health benefits its provides to others. To inquire about how to get the “Art of Dance” into your corporation or place of employment, please connect with NYSDC at 212-216-9344 or at [email protected].  Learn more about  the New Yorker Social Dance Club at