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Natural Awakenings New York City

Publishers Letter. July 2012

Dear Natural Awakenings Readers and Friends,

Here is it....Summer!  The best time of the year, or maybe I am biased being a Leo and living for the sun.  We have a great article this month that really made me ponder why summer brings joy to so many other than the typical reasons of lighter schedules and less routines.  On pages 18-20, you will see an account of simple summer pleasures from Natural Awakenings publishers nationwide and from local readers of Natural Awakenings Magazine right here in New York.  There were two fine things I walked away with after reading these testaments.  

The first thing I realized is that summer is a season that links us to the memories of our childhood for which most have very fond memories.  The scents, experiences and people in those memories will always make summer a heart warming season.  The second thing I realized, more simply put from a local resident, is that summer allows us longer days, an internal feeling of adventure and desire to break out of the usual and into more social activities, even as simple as chatting at an outdoor restaurant with friends.  It's these truly simplistic people that amaze me and root me into the happiness that life has to offer.  Someone who can smile and appreciate their environment without needing excess in whatever shape or form that may be in.  It is in a truly simplistic life that we are green and acknowledge and honor life's resources.
So have sun, have fun, have friends, eat, drink (consciously) and be merry, and you will be sure to have a heart warming summer on the interior as well as the exterior.
Feel Good, Live Simply, Laugh More,
Tina Woods