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Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Man in 3 Steps

The study of Oriental Medicine is thousands of years old. Even with the brilliant scientific research we have access to these days, it’s amazing how the basic tenets of these ancient health paradigms still holds true in so many ways.

Alaethia Doctor is a licensed acupuncturist and herbal therapist at Patients Medical. She loves working with men who have a wide array of medical conditions and diagnoses and has some excellent ideas about how to reverse symptoms of many illnesses in just three easy steps. For busy guys who don’t have time for a lot of research or explanation, Oriental Medicine can be a great choice. In fact, Alaethia says that you can treat 5 men in the time that it takes to treat one woman! While there are no “quick fixes” when it comes to your health, acupuncture and herbal remedies are the closest thing a man can get to a fast track to natural remedies for you health concerns. It’s easy, inexpensive, non-invasive and pain-free.


Here are a few ways to include Oriental Medicine in your life today:

1. Eat colorful, real food. For guys that are “on-the-go” for the majority of their day - especially bachelors – food has to be easy to grab from a deli or to get delivered. These fast foods are rarely supportive of health. Try to choose foods that are fresh and contain a wide variety of colors – green, red, yellow, purple, orange, blue – not just brown and white. The different colors of foods indicate that you’re getting a wider variety of vitamins and minerals from your foods, which is good for your body.


2. Get enough sleep. With today’s wonderful technology it seems like there are more reasons to stay up late than to go to bed. Sitting in front of a light source (the screen) will confuse your natural circadian rhythms and may make it difficult to get to sleep or to stay asleep. You probably already know that lack of sleep makes it difficult to focus the next day at work, but it may also make you less likely to get out and exercise, reduce your motor skills, kill your libido and muddle your ability to communicate.


3. Don’t procrastinate. Consult your practitioner right away when you notice symptoms – it will be easier to treat than if you wait for weeks or even months. In Chinese medicine, they say you can expect to be treated for a month for each year that you symptom has been presenting. That means that if you wait for several years before consulting your practitioner, you can expect for it to take several months of treatment until you are feeling free of the symptom again. This all begins with developing a relationship with a good practitioner who you trust – and who you know “gets” your health goals. It may take a few tries to find a practitioner that you feel comfortable with, but ask your friends for recommendations to get you pointed in the right direction. Try to incorporate at least one of these steps in your life every day and you’ll notice a difference in your health immediately. For a personalized consultation and recommendations tailored to your health concerns, see Alaethia or one of Patients Medical’s other expert acupuncturists.



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