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Discover Plant-based, Organic Ingredients in Olivia Rose Cosmetics

Olivia Rose Cosmetics is a new company with a mission to improve the people’s skin health by providing nutrients and vitamins. The company utilizes whole, natural ingredients that are minimally processed. “Our raw skin care products are 100-percent plant based and up to 95 percent organic,” says owner Ariana D’Agostino. “They naturally and gently strengthen, repair and protect the skin, as well as hydrating in with deeply penetrating oils.”

The products, such as Rose Cleansing Cream, Daily Protection, Beauty Rest Night Cream, Natural C Treatment Mask, can be ordered at

After the birth of my daughter Olivia Rose, I became inspired to find my passion in creating natural and healthy beauty products,” explains D’Agostino. “Becoming a mother brought me to a new awareness of the toxic chemicals in everything all around us. Working in the beauty industry, I began to question some of the ingredients…. Determined to provide safe and healthy beauty care, I began to create natural products for my daughter and my family.”

For more information, email [email protected] or visit