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Widmeier Chiropractic Opens New Office

Dr. Michelle L. Widmeier has opened a new office in Manhattan’s Historic Flatiron District.  Located in a beautiful prewar building at 42 East 21st, between Broadway and Park avenues, Widmeier Chiropractic’s easily accessible location makes getting to the doctor’s office simple and convenient.

Michelle L. Widmeier, DC offers a multi-disciplinary team approach to chiropractic care. Whatever pain or discomfort you have, she can evaluate, diagnose and treat it, all within the comfort of her office.

“The best manual therapy care is focused on alleviating many types of pain through specialized bodywork, massage and gentle manipulation of the spine, joints and muscles,” said Dr. Widmeier.  “It’s not enough to get you out of pain ~ our goal is to teach you to take care of yourself and avoid pain in the future.”

Some of the many conditions that can be resolved quickly and permanently in her office include:
Headaches, neck pain, back pain (post-surgical as well), carpal tunnel syndrome, sports injuries, shin splints, shoulder pain, sciatica, pinched nerves, plantar fasciitis, knee problems, and tennis elbow.

Many women have also found that their general health, as well as menstrual pains, pregnancy related pain, back pain and headaches, have improved with chiropractic care.

Dr. Widmeier invites new patients in for an initial, reduced cost session to experience this unique one-on-one therapeutic approach.

“Unlike conventional Chiropractic care, which is centered solely around spinal adjustments, I provide a balance between the art of manual therapies and the science of contemporary musculoskeletal medicine,” said Dr. Widmeier.

About Widmeier Chiropractic
Widmeier Chiropractic is located in the heart of the historic Flatiron District, a neighborhood as diverse as New York itself, and includes some of the City's most popular restaurants, a dynamic retail environment, educational institutions and historic architectural attractions.  The address is 42 East 21St Street/Suite 2, New York, NY 10010.  Widmeier Chiropractic also has a practice in Westport, CT.

To learn more about Dr. Michelle L. Widmeier, log onto or call 718-541-9582.